Program Highlights

GSLPG strives to provide our girls with the best experiences that build their courage, confidence and character. We accomplish this through a number of avenues, one being our girl programming.

Each Tuesday, we will be publishing a blog post with girl programming events we would like to highlight to our membership. Each event was planned and schedule with our Girl Scouts in mind.

Interested in any of the events? You can sign-up at under the events tab.

Interested in viewing ALL of our events? Check-out our event calendar and spring program guide for a complete listing of all girl programming events.

Lake Charles

2/9- Zinni Petal Workshop – Deadline was Jan 25th, still taking registrations

2/9- Making Friends Badge Event – Deadline was Jan 25th, still taking registrations

2/10- Senses Badge Workshop – Deadline was Jan 27th, still taking registrations

2/16- Challenge Day: Land & Water – Deadline Feb 1st


2/3- Horsemanship Fun Day 2 – Deadline was Jan 19th, still taking registrations

2/17- Horsemanship Fun Day 2 – Deadline is Feb 2nd        


2/9 Interactive Experience – Deadline is Jan 30th

2/8 and 2/9 Space Science Explorer – Deadline is Jan 31st


2/23 World thinking Day Sessions 1 and 2 – Deadlines are both Feb 7th


2/21 World Thinking Day – Deadline Feb 12th

Are You Man Enough To Be A Girl Scout?

Father’s day is approaching and we want to show our appreciation for all our hardworking and dedicated Girl Scout dads!

Girl Scouts USA research shows that a girl’s relationship with her father establishes the foundation for confidence building, for healthy future relationships and for her expectations of men. Here at a GSLPG, we know that fathers and other male figures are a huge part of the Girl Scout experience! Our male members are troop leaders, summer camp volunteers, troop support volunteers, and so much more.  Whether fathers are stepping up as single dads or just being supportive of their daughters, we applaud their dedication to seeing their daughter’s excel.

In honor of all of our awesome male members, we wanted to provide another way of getting involved in Girl Scouts. As a result, this spring we launched our Are You Man Enough? campaign!

There are several ways to become an Are You Man Enough? member. Check out our five donation levels:

trefoil_icon Your $40 donation includes: 2017-18 membership into the Man Enough club, 2017-18 Girl Scout membership, Awesome Dad badge and Man Enough t-shirt.
trefoil_icon Your $75 donation includes: 2017-18 membership into the Man Enough club, 2017-18 Girl Scout membership, Awesome Dad badge, Man Enough t-shirt, and Man Enough coffee mug.
trefoil_icon Your $150 donation includes: 2017-18 membership into the Man Enough club, 2017-18 Girl Scout membership, Awesome Dad badge, Man Enough t-shirt, Man Enough coffee mug, and a $15 gift card to Field & Stream.
trefoil_icon Your $250 donation includes: 2017-18 membership into the Man Enough club, 2017-18 Girl Scout membership, Awesome Dad badge, Man Enough t-shirt, Man Enough coffee mug, and $25 gift card to Academy.
trefoil_iconYour $500 donation includes: 2017-18 membership into the Man Enough club, 2017-18 Girl Scout membership, Awesome Dad badge, Man Enough t-shirt, Man Enough coffee mug, $50 gift card to Lowes, and a discounted rate to our Thin Mint Sprint for you and your Girl Scout.
So if you are looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift for your dad, grandfather, uncle, brother, son or any other male figure…consider purchasing them an Man Enough To Be A Girl Scout membership.


Are You Ready For Summer Camp?

By Troop Support Specialist – Katherine Stagg

Summer time is nearly here! Our GSLPG summer camps are a great way to spend your summer. At camp you will be able to have a great time, make new friends, and learn new skills. If you are thinking about Girl Scout camp, there are a few things to consider.

Camp Readiness Checklist:

  1. Are you ready to spend a few days being away from home? Check out this Camp Readiness Quiz for some things that you and your family might want to think about.
  2. Look through the Summer Camp Guide to find a camp that sounds like something you will like. Each camp is different so read each carefully. Some of the summer camps are day camps, where you go during the day and return home at night. Some camps are overnight, where you will sleep over at camp for several nights. Speak with your family and figure out which fits you best.
  3. Once you’ve decided which camp you would like to attend, sign up! Register as soon as you decide, some camps fill up very fast.
  4. Tell your friends, they may want to attend camp too! They can join Girl Scouts now and go to camp with you.
  5. Start packing and getting ready early. Preparing early will give you a chance to see your items and become familiar with what you will have with you. So what should you pack? Take a look at this helpful video!

Going to summer camp is meant to be fun and a challenge, you will experience new and exciting things. Remember that other girls are having some of the same feelings as you. This is your chance to step up with confidence and make friends!

Here is what one Girl Scout has to say about her summer camp experience “Girl Scout camp was an experience that forever changed my life. At camp, I found a supportive environment filled with role models, friends, and opportunities to try new and exciting activities. I loved learning how to build a fire, singing silly camp songs, and spending time with equally adventurous youth. Most importantly, I loved having a group of young adult counselors teaching me new skills, making sure I ate healthy meals, and reassuring me.”

I can still remember the first time I went to summer camp. The memories are a part of my life that will never be erased and I made many friends during my camping years. Make this your summer to remember at Girl Scout summer camp!

Oh What a Treat! Tasty Fun Facts

By Brittany Bowie – Troop Support Specialist

Maybe you have been fond of Do- si- dos or your heart belongs to Thin Mints! Each of these delicious treats along with the popular variety of Girl Scout Cookies has a unique origin in the cookie program. As you look to sell them or just eat them, here are some tasty facts you might not know about Girl Scout Cookies.

The first Girl Scout troop known to sell cookies baked sugar cookies to raise funds for their activities in 1917. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, Girl Scouts and their moms in different parts of the country continued to bake these cookies right in their homes. Customers could probably smell sweetness right around the corner!

In 1948, a total of 29 companies were licensed to bake Girl Scout Cookies. Today there are two official Girl Scout Cookie bakers. Little Brownie Bakers has been baking up the delicious cookies provided here in Louisiana.


Now that we know a little history, let’s get to a stimulation of taste buds:

  • Did you know that Thin Mints are the top-selling cookie in America?!
  • As you take a bite of the traditional shortbread cookie, known as “Trefoil” you would be interested to know that it represents the emblem of Girl Scouts of the United States.  With a special shape mimicking the trefoil plant there are three rounded lobes representing the three-fold promise: “to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout law.” A cookie baked for deliciousness and symbolism.
  • It’s great to taste the sweetness that each Girl Scout cookie has to offer, but it is more important to know that the purchase of every box of cookie adds to the value of a meaningful leadership experience for Girl Scouts! They are building a lifetime of skills and confidence.

For more fun facts about the Girl Scout cookie program and much more, click here!

Powered by the Girl Scout Cookie Program

By Asia Hebert – Marketing Specialist

100 years ago, an innovative Girl Scout troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma baked and sold cookies to support their service projects. This was the first known Girl Scout cookie sale! Starting with that first bake sale, Girl Scouts have been known for their amazing cookies but even more importantly the projects and activities these use their cookie money on. Our girls and troops continue to benefit from the Girl Scout Cookie Program by setting goals, reaching them and using the funds collected to enhance their Girl Scout journey.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial business. Girls that participate in the program are cookie entrepreneurs that develop five essential skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. Research* shows that 2 out of 3 girls (66%) that participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program are actively developing all five skills.

By participating in and/or purchasing Girl Scout cookies you are allowing Girl Scouts to participate endless girl-led experiences. These experiences include camp and outdoor exposure, STEM related activities, community service projects, domestic and international travel opportunities, Girl Scout higher awards (bronze, silver and gold awards) and lasting memories with their troops!

Want to learn more about “Powered by the Girl Scout Cookie Program”? Watch Girl Scouts USA’s PSA!

Amazing Experiences for Girls: Powered by the Girl Scout Cookie Program from GirlScoutsUSA on Vimeo.

What are you planning to do with the money earned from this year’s cookie sale? Let us know! 

*Research statistics: cookieoutcomes-2016_final

Cookie Troop 100

By Asia Hebert – Marketing Specialist

Looking for a way to add some excitement to this year’s cookie sale? If you attended any of our cookie trainings you may have heard about GSUSA’s Cookie Troop 100. This is an added twist on last year’s Bling Your Booth contest. So how can you participate?

1. Set a troop goal and share the plan for your cookie money– what cool stuff will you do to improve your community this year?
2. Earn a Cookie Business badge– you can take your pick!
3. As a troop, ask 100 NEW customer to buy cookies.
4. Bling Your Booth. Gather your troop and get those creative juices flowing to come up with a fun theme. Just remember to snap a cool photo!

We already know about the great ways you have used your cookie money in the past so why not share this year’s plan and have a chance to earn more money to help complete your projects! While planning out your goals for this cookie season, set out to sell cookies to 100 new customers to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies. Your last step is to bling your booth. Maybe you’ve done this in previous years, but this year really step up your game and get creative! Once you’ve completed all the steps, submit your entry to GSUSA.

One lucky troop from EVERY council around the country will win $100 each to put toward their awesome cookie Take Action or service project. And one VERY lucky troop will win $3,000 to super-power their project!

Ready to get to work? You have from now until April 30 to submit your entries!

Have any questions? Check out the Cookie Troop 100 FAQ.

Take the Lead like a G.I.R.L.

By Asia Hebert – Marketing Specialist

Welcome to our brand new GSLPG…in the Loop blog! This blog has been created to keep troop leaders, parents and any member of our council informed on the happenings of GSLPG. Blog posts will generally be placed into four different categories: Fast & Fun, Troop Basics, Traditions and GSLPG Spotlight. Posts will be written by either our Communication & Marketing or Troop Support teams. We look forward to sharing information and stories with you! Now, onto our first post…


You may have recently heard us talking about taking the lead like a G.I.R.L. So what exactly does it mean to G.I.R.L.? A G.I.R.L. is a go-getter, innovator, risk-taker and a leader. This is the very definition of a Girl Scout!

GO-GETTER: Determined to succeed. Bold. Honest. Goal-oriented. Can-do mentality. Ambitious. Lifelong learner.

INNOVATOR: Creative. Thinks outside the box. Always looking for a new approach. Visionary. Uses resources wisely. Original. Do-it-yourselfer. Experimenter.

RISK-TAKER: Not afraid to try new things. Courageous. Strong. Breaks the mold. Steps up. Discoverer. Pioneer. Embraces the unfamiliar.

LEADER: Confident. Knows how to get the job done. Responsible. Committed to making the world a better place. Empathetic. Advocate. Empowers others.

We see and hear examples of our Girl Scouts taking the lead every day. A seasoned cookie seller setting a goal to sell 1000 boxes of cookies or more. A girl seeing a need in her town and creating a community garden. A Daisy going to camp for the first time or an experienced camper trying a new skill such as canoeing or archery. Cadettes, Seniors, or Ambassadors showing young girls “the ropes” and passing on lessons they’ve learned.

While we may know all of the great accomplishments our members and troops have achieved, many people still think Girl Scouts is just about cookies, patches and camping. Let’s take on 2017 by showing our community what Girl Scouts are capable of! Make a new year’s resolution to be ambitious, think outside the box, try new things, and commit to making the world a better place whether you’re a troop leader or a Girl Scout.

Want to learn more about how to take the lead? Check our GSUSA’s new PSA!

Have a story to share about how your daughter or troop member(s) exemplify the qualities of a G.I.R.L.? Tell us how they take the lead and she maybe featured on our social media pages or blog!