GSLPG Intern: Leaving Your Mark!

by GSLPG Intern – Ednisha Lee & Marketing Specialist – Asia Hebert

Every semester we try to find an intern for our GSLPG Lafayette office. We acquire these interns from the Department of Child & Family Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The intern works hand in hand with multiple departments across the council. This semester we have had the pleasure of having Ednisha Lee as our Spring 2017 intern. Ednisha has been a BIG help in working with the Girl Experience, Recruitment, Troop Support, Fund Development, Customer Care and Communications departments.

Now let’s hear from Ednisha to find out what her experience was like and what she has learned about Girl Scouts!


Girl Scout Leadership Experience

My whole life I really thought Girl Scouts were only about selling cookies and camping trips, but after doing the research I learned that they are much more than that. They are an organization that embodies the true potential each and every girl has. They take pride in leadership and allowing the girls to learn to make decisions that will benefit them and help them grow. The Volunteer Essentials handbook I did read emphasized how these girls participate in the planning of their activities, which then lead to how important the leadership role is among the girls in the organization.

Girls Scout Higher Awards 

The Gold Award recognizes Girl Scouts who are registered seniors or ambassadors and have completed a journey, which is a big yearlong service project the girl puts together and completes herself. I was asked to look up our state representatives so they can write letters to the girls showing their appreciation for the services that they have done in the community. In our district there are three girls who will be receiving the award. After I was given this task I was curious of the benefits of this award so I did a little research. This award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. Once a girl has received this award it can open so many opportunities such as college scholarships, higher rank in the military, and being able to stand out on your college or employment application. This blew my mind! I never knew being a Girl Scout had benefits like this.


On Friday, March 3rd I got to do a radio interview with KSMB 94.5 about the Girl Scout cookie sales. I hesitated when they asked me if I wanted to go with Brittany (Troop Support Specialist) to the radio station. I was very nervous about speaking on the radio but Brittany gave me a mock interview on the way there. At the station we were being interviewed about the cookie sales and the new technology that will be used for the selling of the cookies. When people think of Girl Scouts they automatically think of the cookies but it is so much more than just cookie selling. These cookie sales help girls learn the 5 skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. The money that the girls earn goes to the troops and the girls get to decide what they want to do with it. This money can be used for a trip, donations to a local organization, or even helping out in the community. All of the hard work that goes into cookie sales demonstrates all of the 5 skills!

Family Fest 

I was asked to help prepare for our Family Fest event. Family Fest is a day where families come and enjoy some of the activities that the Girl Scouts love to do. I called around to businesses asking for donations. It has been cool getting to know how they receive donations and how they get events together. A lot goes into the planning these events and it is awesome getting to be on the planning side of it. I have been helping with Family Fest since the beginning of my internship and excited to see the event come together.

Leaving Her Mark

Before cookie booth sales started Mrs. Keesha had me work on a project where I would call around to universities in Louisiana to see if they would allow the girls to conduct booth sales at the residence halls. Girls Scouts already has a similar program at Northwestern University. In this program, the girls have the opportunity to utilize their leadership skills by running their own booths and partner with residents in programs that focus on empowerment and life skills. I called ULL, ULM, and LA Tech but did not get very far because most of the universities rejected my proposal due to restrictions about solicitations. Two weeks later I received an email back from Ms. Laura Jennings, Director of Student life at ULM. She was more than excited to start this program on ULM’s campus and insisted we have a meeting over the phone. After the phone call I notified Ms. Keesha about the success and she was very excited. This made me proud because I have set up something that will be of great use to this organization, the girls and the booth sales longer after I am no longer an intern here. I left my mark and I am very proud!


Congratulations Ednisha on your college graduation and thank you for leaving your mark at GSLPG!

Annual Meeting 2017 Recap

By Marketing Specialist – Asia Hebert

Staff, volunteers & girls enjoy a photo opportunity

We are so thankful to all of the volunteers, girls, board members and staff that were able to attend our Annual Meeting this year! It was so exciting to finally get to share G.I.R.L. with you and we hope that you take away as much inspiration as we did. To those of you who were unable to attend, we hope this recap blog will give you a taste of the event and entice you to attend next year!


Girls from Troop 184 from Pineville got our annual meeting started off with our traditional flag ceremony. The girls were poised and respectful during this Girl Scout tradition… but we also caught them having some fun hanging out before!


Next up on the agenda was the business of the credentials report, report of the board, financials, operations and board development committee. These reports are serious business but our staff and board members made sure to lighten the mood while still talking business.


Before lunch we had one last Girl Scout tradition, the Investiture and Rededication Ceremony! This ceremony allowed new Girl Scout members, staff and board to come up and receive their Girl Scout pin. With the staff reorganization of CEI, we had many new staff members to officially initiate into the Girl Scout family.


After lunch, we officially kicked off G.I.R.L. with our girl led presentation. We had four girls from various troops and regions of the council represent what it means to be a go-getter, innovator, risk-taker and leader. Beaux Fisher (IRM) was our go-getter, Lilly Yarbrough of Troop 225 was our innovator, Danika Kleven of Troop 85 was our risk-taker and Cynthia Romero of Troop 398 was our leader. Each of these girls created a speech and a corresponding video or PowerPoint to explain what it means to be a G.I.R.L. champion.

Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader!

Next, on our inspirational journey were our Gold Award recipients. These dedicated girls each had a chance to speak about their Gold Award projects. This year three of the four award recipients were able to attend, Destiny Kennerson, Brandy Solice, and Rebekah Gauthier. Destiny assisted with the elderly in her community, Brandy helped underprivileged children celebrate their birthday, and Rebekah saved a historic landmark in her town.


The final section of our annual meeting was all about honoring our volunteers! Our COO, Keesha Buteau, honored out Volunteer Partners for their participation and dedication for the 2016-2017 year. Manager of Adult Development, Megan Ponder, presented our council level recognitions. Lastly our council’s Savannah 2017 Quest Fest Team talked about their upcoming adventure!

We hope all who attended had as much fun as we did! For those that were unable to attend, we hope to see you next year. As always, we thank our volunteers and girls for the dedication they give to Girl Scouts. We hope to make this next year even better!

Wanna see all the photos from the Annual Meeting? Check out our Flickr album!