Early Bird Renewal: Something BIG to Chirp about!

By Troop Support Specialist – Brittany Bowie

Spring is here! It’s the perfect time to clear the clutter and organize your troop for the upcoming year. Take advantage of the Early Bird Spring Renewal and receive awesome incentives for the troop and each Girl Scout. Not sure where to start? Follow this checklist:


Early Bird Checklist:

Start today – Have parents/caregivers register their Girl Scout today and start collecting rewards. Girl Scouts who renew during the first three weeks will receive an Exclusive Early Bird “Lead like a Girl Scout” t-shirt. Visit gslpg.org/renew for the Step-by-Step Guide.

Renew online – Eliminate the chaos of paperwork and have families register online. Each family has access to a member profile on the “My GS” tab.

Pay $25, receive $10 When you renew your membership during the spring, you’re automatically eligible for great early bird rewards. A $10 membership Voucher Credit will be given for each girl member registered by June. This means GSLPG wants to give you credit to buy cool stuff in our retail shop or help pay for your next council event.

Communicate – Start having conversations about your troop and looking forward to next year. Will all girls continue? Who will be the troop leaders? What kind of activities you and your troop will participate in? Asking these questions will ensure your troop’s status. Login into “My GS” and check your troop roster before April 15, 2017.

Make new friends – Know a friend interested in becoming a Girl Scout? She can register, too! And there’s a patch for that. New members can sign-up and be ready for the next year.

Celebrate! – The fun does not end with just your troop’s bridging/summer activities, but will continue throughout summer. Each girl registered by June 6 will be sent an invitation to a FREE private skating party in June.

Make Early Bird a tradition in your troop – Both troop leaders and families benefit by registering during early bird. It helps families by ensuring that their daughters get back in their preferred troop and maintain their amazing friendships. It helps troop leaders to plan their year with a confirmed and committed count of girls for the following year. Together, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience continues!

2017 Early Bird patch


Early Renewal season gives any of our members—girls, troop leaders, and parents—the chance to register early for the 2017-2018 membership year and receive rewards. Check out the complete list of Early Bird Incentives.

Plan Less, Engage More: 4 Reasons Why You Should Start Using the Volunteer Toolkit

By Brittany Bowie – Troop Support Specialist

Whether you have just started as a new leader or are going into another year with your Girl Scouts, the one thing most would agree on is that a critical element of volunteering is time. The element most important to girls is engagement and fun interaction. Girl Scout volunteers could have more fun when they have easy access to resources that help them spend less time planning and coordinating and more time with their girls.

GSLPG now has a resource, the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK), which does just that. It is a resource that offers versatility and assists with troop management. GSUSA and GSLPG recently launched this resource on our site as part of our Customer Engagement Initiative.

Here are some of our favorite reasons for you to begin using this tool!

1)Convenience and Accessibility

If you are an on-the-go volunteer, this will be perfect for you. As a digital resource volunteers, can access the VTK from any electronic device- tablet, smart phone, or laptop- with internet capability.


Now that you have access to the resource, logging in only becomes more exciting. You will find four active tabs to help make managing your troop simpler.  These tabs have the capabilities to manage troop contacts, renew membership, plan your troop year with pre-populated plans, customize activities, change meeting arrangements and eventually track finances once this tab becomes available.

3)Parents are kept in the loop

Primary caregivers have the ability to view their girls’ troop year. Features include: read only views of My Troop Tab (no contact info), Year Plan, Meeting Plan, and Financial Tab. What does this mean? The major questions many parents have for troop leaders, can now be answered with the click of a button (or by logging into their portal view).

4)It keeps getting better

The function for the finance tab is not active, but will be eventually. GSUSA will be adding content, functions and improving this tool based on the needs and assessments volunteers across our nation.

What more could you want? This tool is customizable, tracks important things, keeps parents informed and saves time. Most importantly, it allows leaders and girls the ability to explore program activities together, while having fun.

Need some help getting started? Watch the walk through video below!


To check out the Volunteer Toolkit, go to www.gslpg.org and click on the My GS tab. Enter your login information. If you need help logging in please contact our Customer Care team.