World Thinking Day 2017

By Asia Hebert – Marketing Specialist

What is World Thinking Day?

World Thinking Day has been celebrated on February 22 by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world since 1926! Girls from 146 countries celebrate this international holiday. The goal of World Thinking Day is to think of one another and express appreciation for our international movement. This year’s theme for the holiday is “Grow“. How are you going to GROW this year? Check out four ways to “stretch” yourself!


4 Ways to Celebrate World Thinking Day

  1. Complete the Challenge & Earn a Badge – There are several ways to complete the World Thinking Day award depending on your Girl Scout level. Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors can do activities such as making up their own dance or painting pictures to show their shine, holding a “Bring a Friend” event, or planning and executing a Take Action Project. Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can challenge themselves by creating an impromptu story with their Girl Scout friends, going on a Girl Scout Destinations trip, or making their own badge. Once you’ve completed the challenge, don’t forget to purchase your badges!
  2. Participate in Local World Thinking Day Events – You can plan your own event as a troop or service unit! Brain storm with your troop and come up with a fun way to celebrate this Girl Scout holiday. If you aren’t able to create your own event, attend other local World Thinking Day events. SU 107 and SU 327 are holding events around the date of the holiday.
  3. Donate to the World Thinking Day Fund – Did you know that WAGGGS has a dedicated fund just for World Thinking Day? Donating allows WAGGGS to provide a wealth of opportunities to Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world such as attending training events, completing projects and campaigns, and so much more.
  4. Connect with an International Girl Guide Pen Pal – Take the opportunity this World Thinking Day to get to know a Girl Guide from another part of the world! First sign up on GLOW (Global Learning Online for WAGGGS), then visit the World Thinking Day section and finally request a pen pal.



GSLPG challenges you this World Thinking Day to “grow” by exploring, taking on new challenges, and celebrating our amazing Movement!